About this Blog and the Author

Brinylife was started as an outlet to connect with friends, family and fellow pickle enthusiasts after the publication of Pickled. I learned (too late) that my publisher hadn’t submitted my last round of recipe edits, so an unfinished manuscript went to print (15,000 copies) with worldwide distribution. Oy! For those of you who own the book, you know that most recipes work just fine, but others, like the Bae Chu Kimchi recipe, do not.

The book is out of print now, but you may still find copies through second-hand book merchants. Apparently it’s a cult-classic among chefs and cookbook collectors. Over a decade later, I still get invited to talk and demonstrate all that I have learned about global pickling traditions. Honestly, it never gets old. My excitement about pickles and pickling has been preserved.

The content is simple here at Brinylife. I will share the occasional discovery as it relates to food –  cooking, eating local and in season, gardening, and appreciating new and old tastes. I hope it can be a source of inspiration or relaxation. Consider this beach reading for the Slow Food set. I tackle the hard stuff at work, and I think there are enough talking heads in the good food movement reminding us daily about the issues and what we should and shouldn’t be buying or eating. Rarely will this blog be a personal soapbox. If Slow Food isn’t your thing, there will always be photos of my two happy dogs to enjoy.

Professional Life (now switching to third person)

Throughout Lucy’s career, she has been successful in bringing together a variety of stakeholders from private, non-profit and government agencies to tackle complex problems within our food system.

From small family farms and food business start-ups to the largest companies in the world, Lucy has helped clients understand how to leverage ever-changing trends in the marketplace and realize opportunities for product development, profitable target engagement and brand resiliency.

As Mickey Rooney did when joined forces with his fellow teens to “put on a show” in the film Babe’s in Arms, Lucy and her team at Northwest Agriculture Business Center joined forces with community partners to create the Puget Sound Food Hub. It is a network of over forty independent farms and nonprofit organizations operating cooperatively to market, aggregate and distribute locally produced food to businesses and institutions. The unique model was designed to create a fair and efficient local food infrastructure, strengthen local food economy, increase access to healthy food for all, train the next generation of family farms, and reduce cost and waste. Lucy was named “2014 Western Innovator” by the Capital Press newspaper.

In coordination with City of Seattle and partner agencies, she advised on the development and continuation planning of the award winning food access program called Farm to Table, to ensure sustainable growth while increasing participation. Farm to Table was nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a “Health Champion” in 2012 and was awarded the 2014 Sustainability Leadership Award for Resource Impact from Sustainable Seattle and 2015 Unites States Conference of Mayors Childhood Obesity Prevention Award.

In 2003, Lucy authored “Pickled: Preserving a World of Tastes and Traditions” (2003), a collection of stories and recipes that emerged from a three-year oral history project that she led for the New York Food Museum‘s 1st New York International  Pickle Day in 2001. Her work has been featured in a variety of media outlets including The New York Times, Food Network and NPR’s Morning Edition.


Program Leadership
Strategic Marketing & Communications
Sustainable Brand Development
Partnership Development
Research Planning, Analysis and Reporting
Food Systems & Value Chain Coordination
Writing and Editing
Public Speaking


  • MA Food Studies, New York University
  • BA Anthropology & Performance Studies, New York University

For additional career details, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Volunteer Life

Lucy is currently active member of several advisory boards, including:

  • Real Food Challenge Real Foods Standards Council
  • City of Seattle Farm to Table Program
  • Cornell University Cost-Offset CSA Intervention Project

She also volunteers her time as a remote Co-Representative for Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue/Doberman Breed. Cassius is her German Shepherd was adopted from the Washington German Shepherd Rescue. Roxy (a Rottweiler) was adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter.