2 Years in California

This weekend J and I are celebrating this three-day Memorial Day weekend by staying at home with the dogs while enjoying the sunshine and all things domestic (i.e. puttering). The house is filled with music and the sound of window fans to displace the stale air of a house inhabited by a working couple and two old dogs.

It’s been one year since I posted to this blog and exactly two years since we left Seattle and arrived here in Berkeley. A couple of weeks ago I decided to leave my stressful job and get back to my roots in agriculture business development and community food systems, and so my exploratory wheels are in motion and I remain optimistic.

All is well as long as I don’t pay attention to the news.  I am surrounded by the hopefulness of late spring and its been nice to begin reconnecting with acquaintances and friends.

This post holds a special treat for those who have missed the photo journal of our dogs posing next to CSA shares (check out my blog posts from 5+ years ago).  If you are new to my blog, these are my dogs Roxy (11) and Cassius (12) and here they are posing with today’s haul from the Ecology Center Farmers Market in Berkeley. Cassius has been having mobility issues due to his osteoarthritis so he wears a harness that allows us to assist him when he slips.

About the blueberries: The blueberry farmer told me that down near Fresno they are already halfway through the season. After living here for two years, I still don’t expect to see dark berries until July.

Here’s what I found today including some recipe links:

More again soon…



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