CSA Week 4: Freeze Now and Eat Later Summer Squash

Roxy and Cassius say, "Just give us the treats already!"

Roxy and Cassius say, “Just give us the treats already!”

It’s already week 4 of this year’s CSA season and I’ve noticed that vegetables are ripening earlier than last year. New this week is French green beans (or haricot verts) and cherry tomatoes. To my surprise the box includes more peas (I guess the deer didn’t eat all of them)– this time snow peas and sugar snaps.  Cassius, Roxy and I shared a few raw peas pods straight out of the bag.  This share from Sol to Seed Farm includes:

French Green Beans
Cherry Tomatoes
Lacinato Kale
Summer Squash
…and a free baguette from Grand Central Baking Co.
Summer squash varieties such as crook neck, yellow, zucchini, scalloped and pattypan are in season all summer right up to the first frost in northwest Washington.  Summer squash is high in vitamin C, folate and fiber and low in calories (about 32 per squash) and carbohydrates. In a previous post I provided a recipe for squash soup base which is great for utilizing a lot of surplus squash.  If you are looking for comfort food and (at this moment) only care about flavor, try summer squash in calabacitas and squash casserole baked in the Southern-style.
Since it’s so abundant, I decided to share another really fast and easy way to store summer squash to prevent spoilage. First you’ll need a food processor with a shredding attachment (you can use a regular hand-held or box grater but it will take you longer). My Cuisinart food processor is a million years old (12 to be exact) and it works perfectly.

Shredded Squash

Recipe time: 3-4 minutes

Rinse and pat dry 3-5 whole summer squash.  Cut the tips from both sides and then slice the squash in half lengthwise or for patty pan, cut into small pieces small enough to slide through the feeder of the food processor.
You'll need a chef's knife, a shredding attachment for your food processor and the summer squash

You’ll need a chef’s knife, a shredding attachment for your food processor and the summer squash

Fit the attachment onto the processor and turn it on.  One by one, feed each piece of squash through the feeder until all the squash has been shredded.

Shredded summer squash

Shredded summer squash

With a clean spatula, scoop out the squash into a quart-sized baggie.  Press the squash towards the bottom of the bag and then press again to remove any excess air and seal with your fingers.  It is now ready to freeze.
Shredded Summer Squash Ready to Freeze

Shredded Summer Squash Ready to Freeze

Frozen shredded squash keeps very well in the freezer. When you are ready to use, thaw it all or break into large hunks and store the rest in the freezer.  Use it to:
  • saute in olive, onion and salt and add as a layer in your favorite lasagna
  • saute squash in olive oil as a step in making minestrone soup
  • add to breakfast muffins and other quick breads
  • saute in olive oil, ground cumin and garlic, then add cheese for an earthy enchilada stuffing
  • feature in a frittata with sauteed shallots, thyme or rosemary, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano and eggs

One thought on “CSA Week 4: Freeze Now and Eat Later Summer Squash

  1. Lucy,
    I got a new food processor a year ago and was delighted to discover the ‘fine shred’ side of the disc. It’s perfect for making thin strands of squash that just melt into whatever dishes I’m throwing them into. Added to a pound of ground meat, the finely shredded squash (and carrots, as well as chopped peppers, onions, celery and chard stems) add so much flavor abd bulk that I routinely freeze them in packs together to use in stretching meat (for tacos, burgers, meatloaf) later in the year.
    Thanks for some great new ideas!

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