CSA Week 2: Last Week’s Kohlrabi

Cassius and Roxy think it's fun to get treats for posing next to vegetables

Cassius and Roxy think it’s fun to get treats for posing next to vegetables

This is week two of this year’s CSA from Sol to Seed Farm. It’s another fine representation of early summer seasonality here in western Washington with mostly greens and lush salad fixings.  Unfortunately, you can’t see the summer squash in the photo, but it’s there behind the massive head of butter lettuce- my favorite. This week’s box includes:

Summer Squash
Rainbow Chard
Salad Mix
…and a free loaf of Piccolo Como bread from Grand Central Baking Co.

I’ll make a pot of broccoli gruyere cheese soup on Sunday.  We’ll be eating lots of salads like we did last week but it’s good for us and the lettuces are milder and more tender than anything I’d find in the grocery store shipped from California.  I learned how to make pan-fried fennel fritters from Alice Waters so that’s my “go-to” way to prepare fennel… unless I eat it raw.  I’ll use the chard in my favorite bean and rice recipe from Maddhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian: Black-eyed Peas and Chard.  There’s not a lot of squash here, so I’ll likely saute it in olive oil and herbs and eat with pasta or in a frittata for two.

Today is Independence Day which means that we’re getting the grill out for sausages (I only buy sausages from my neighbor, friend and local producer David at LinkLab Artisan Meats), and I’m making a few cold salads to go with it.  Leave it to Mark Bittman to have a simple and delicious Kohlrabi-Sesame Slaw recipe so I can use up last week’s uneaten kohlrabi, admittedly the least favorite part of my CSA share from last week. This recipe is so good, and so simple to make (as long as one has a food processor available), that I plan to make it again. It’s better than ignoring kohlrabi until it rots in the refrigerator.

This kohlrabi is ready to peel then shred in a food processor

This kohlrabi is ready to peel then shred in a food processor


Note: I used a 1/4 tsp of dried red pepper flakes instead of chopped green chile and I used shredded purple onion (rinsed under cold water and drained) instead of scallions. The cilantro is from this week’s CSA share.


5 thoughts on “CSA Week 2: Last Week’s Kohlrabi

  1. Purple kohlrabi! I bet that would be pretty in sushi or on pizza.
    Thanks for the fennel ideas–I normally roast mine and use it in spaghetti sauce, but somehow I ended up with 5 fennel plants from the garden so I may have more than I bargained for.

    • Kirsten- I see more purple kohlrabi around here than green. Apparently it grows really well this side of the mountains because every farmer I know grows it. I never tried it before moving to the Pacific Northwest. It’s got an odor that turns me off but I’m hopeful that I can find ways to make it work in my mostly local diet

  2. I asked my WW friends about using kohlrabi & got this back from Terry Onofrey:
    “Linda, we love Kolarabi peeled, boiled like a potato with some salt then I mash them with seperately boiled white potatoes and some butter, no milk. More salt and pepper to taste. Oh my, so good with Pork and Sauerkraut. I usually cook up two big ones and freeze the Kolarabi mashed alone into containers for future use. it isn’t always available in the store here. (Indiana)”

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