CSA Week 16: Toasted Tomato Sandwich

My two dogs admire our 16th CSA share from Sol to Seed Farm

Orange, purple, white, brown and green are the colors of my sixteenth CSA farm share. Unless Farmer Matt surprises subscribers with an extension,  I can expect another four weeks of vegetables grown at Sol to Seed Farm.

My box included:
Onions (Ailsa Craig & Red Cippolini)
Winter Squash (Table Gold Acorn)
Romano Beans

All summer long, I have been working on a goal to lose all of the weight that I gained since leaving New York in 2004 – thanks to a plan supervised by my N.D.  While I was still able to enjoy most of the produce from my CSA boxes, I avoided all grains, starches and sugars during the three month plan and lost 28 pounds.  It meant that a simple sandwich was off limits.  I’m now slowly incorporating the foods I have been avoiding in moderation.  Today’s treat is a toasted tomato sandwich.

I grew up eating toasted tomato sandwiches for breakfast.  My grandma (and my mom) made them like this: thinly sliced garden fresh red tomato sprinkled with iodized salt and ground pepper, sandwiched between two toasted and “buttered” (she used marjarine) slices of Roman Meal wheat bread.  In my memory, everything was good about it.

This is the end of tomato season here in Washington.  My last weekly share included several heirloom tomatoes including a large green tomato with red flesh.  I waited until today to cut into it and was finally able to enjoy my first toasted tomato sandwich of the season.  It was delicious.  Here’s how I made it:

  • 2 slices of brioche (toasted)
  • Kerrygold butter
  • 2 large slices of fresh tomato
  • kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Gorgeous heirloom tomato from last week’s CSA share- put to good use on a simple toasted tomato sandwich.


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