CSA Week 14: Brassicas

J picked up our fourteenth Sol to Seed Farm CSA share for us on Wednesday because I was tied up at work.  It’s been very busy lately in my role as Puget Sound Food Network Project Manager with Northwest Agriculture Business Center, I am providing operations and marketing assistance to help open a new regional food hub at 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living.  In fact, last week the facility hired a fantastic delivery driver, and next week will be the first aggregated delivery of local produce through the food hub.  Very exciting work, but sometimes my work delays my personal blogging schedule.

Showing off the loading dock at 21 Acres Food Hub

Last weekend, J and I traveled to Carnation, WA for an afternoon gathering at Sol to Seed Farm.  It was a gorgeous day, though slightly chilly and cloudy.  The farm was so peaceful yet still full of life.  Sol to Seed grows much of the food that we eat on that small parcel of farmland in the Snoqualmie Valley.  I am very thankful to know such resourceful people dedicating their days growing delicious and life sustaining food for me and many others.

I’m out standing in a field at Sol to Seed Farm

Mon petit chou at Sol to Seed Farm

This week I was surprised to see such lovely brassicas including broccoli and green and white cauliflower. I love roasted cauliflower.  Simply break up into smaller florets and throw in a roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Roast at 375F for about 30-40 minutes until golden brown.

Everything looks good in this week’s box.  It’s one of my favorites so far this season.

This Weeks box:
Sweet Pepper
Romano Beans
Musk Melon

My favorite things include farm fresh food and my dogs Roxy and Cassius


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