CSA Week 13: Ailsa Craig Onions

It’s CSA week 13, and we’re well into the second half of Sol to Seed Farm’s CSA season.  The mammoth-sized, Ailsa Craig sweet onions are back and I’m daydreaming about fried onion rings. What I haven’t mentioned before is that I have been on a modified eating plan and have lost a full twenty-five pounds since mid-June.  Considering I have not tasted sugar or eaten any grains or starches since I started, I have managed to create multiple batches of homemade jam  (fig, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry) that turned out very well, or so I’m told.  I even made a batch of fried onion rings a few weeks ago for J and didn’t have one bite (gaw).  Now I’m just looking at the growing stock of onions in my pantry and feel the need to use them or lose them.

Farmer Matt says that Ailsa Craig’s do not store as well as smaller storage onions but they will store for a couple of months.  That’s all the time I need.  Apparently the Ailsa Craig onion cells are strong and can maintain its cellular integrity when frozen, so I may have to dice and freeze some for fall and winter cooking.  There are many solutions on the table to prevent wasting these plus-sized beauties.  Though J tells me that the onion rings were really tasty…hmmmm.

Roxy and Cassius can’t eat onions but I can.

This week’s box includes: 

2 Onions – Ailsa Craig
Green/Yellow Beans (French varieties)
Sweet Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Summer Squash
Rainbow Chard

8 thoughts on “CSA Week 13: Ailsa Craig Onions

    • Ha! Kellie- thanks but I’m pretty sure these will be used up soon. May try out chopping a couple and freezing for later. I have four large onions in my pantry now.

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