CSA Week 12: Romano Beans

Cassius and Roxy enjoy the weekly photoshoot with colorful and delicious produce from Sol to Seed Farm

This week’s CSA box includes:
Onions – Ailsa Craig/Red Cippolini
Romano Beans
Padron Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Collard Greens
Potatoes – Yukon Gem
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
It’s week 12 of this year’s CSA from Sol to Seed Farm. Farmer Matt reminded subscribers that it’s been 37 days since the last official rainfall.  Considering it always rains in Seattle, that’s impressive!
This is the first time I’ve gotten Romano beans in my box and I’m very happy to see them.  Romano beans are eaten whole like traditional green beans.  Romano, or any other broad bean, are best cooked simply by first blanching them (boiled briefly in heavily salted water and drained) and then tossing with olive oil, salt and pepper. Mound them on a plate as a bed for panfried fish or chicken. Served with a tasty hollandaise or aioli. Voila!  Dinner is served.
I will be making salsa with the tomatillos for sure.  I’ve been making homemade salsa for years but this Salsa Verde recipe by Rick Bayless serves as a dependable guide for first-timers.
And yes, I did make onion rings with the first “Alisa onion as large as a softball.” This sweet onion is perfect for frying or slicing thick as a side to grilled meats. I have two onions left over from previous boxes and they are storing well. I gave this week’s onion to a friend who is also a gifted home cook. I’m looking forward to hearing what he does with it.

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