CSA Week 10: CSA Season Midpoint Abundance

Cassius and Roxy show their appreciation for the colorful vegetables in this week’s CSA box from Sol to Seed Farm

In this week’s box:
Potatoes – 2.5 lbs
Butter Lettuce
Onions – Red Cippolini + Ailsa Craig
Cucumbers – Mix

Summer has a slow-roasting effect on pale Seattleites. They revel in the sunshine for about a month, but then realize it’s still warm in mid-August and they wish for the dark days and cold rains to return.  It’s 83 degrees outside today and I love it.  I’m not from around here though.

CSA’s can be year-round operations (depending on the farm), but I routinely subscribe to summer CSA’s simply because fresh produce is more colorful and abundant this time of year.  Summer is also the best time of year to put food by…all of my canning takes place between July and September when the best variety of produce is available straight off the farm.

I am also more inspired to post entries to Brinylife during the summer months.  Summer produce is just so much fun to cook, eat and share — to celebrate.  I’ve recently started linking up with CSA subscribers around the country, through In Her Chucks weekly CSA party.  There are some really interesting people out there having good, clean fun while writing about food.  I keep this blog light on purpose.


3 thoughts on “CSA Week 10: CSA Season Midpoint Abundance

  1. Thanks! We think they are pretty cute…of course, german shepherds and rottweilers are sometimes referred to as “vicious breeds” in some parts… though I think they are more likely to lick you to death!

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