CSA Week 8: Pimientos de Padron

J and I lived in Portland for a couple of years before moving to Seattle.  It was the Portland Farmers Market in 2005 where I tasted my first Pimiento de Padron.  Since then more people have caught on to these little Spanish beauties. Though Whole Foods Market carried them for a limited time last summer, I’d rather get them straight off the farm if possible. Sol to Seed Farm sells them in season at their U-District Farmers Market table on Saturdays, but if you go there, expect to stand in line.  The market opens at 9:00 a.m. Get there early!

Preparing Padron peppers: Heat olive oil in frying pan. Add whole peppers and toss until lightly scorched. Sprinkle with coarse salt. Eat them like popcorn. Toss stems in compost bin.

I am so excited about this week’s box.  Not only did it include Padron peppers, but more tomatoes, sweet peppers, and tender salad mix I eat every day.
This weeks box includes:

Roxy and Cassius don’t like peppers, but I do!

Salad Mix
Dragon’s Tongue Bean
Padron Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Summer Squash
Last October I planted garlic for the first time at this house.  It’s an organic hard neck Killarney Red.  Today I pulled up the last of the garlic and I’m looking forward to using a clove or two tonight.  Though…I haven’t decided what’s for dinner…maybe peperonata.

Home grown organic Red Killarney garlic


10 thoughts on “CSA Week 8: Pimientos de Padron

  1. Hey there- just linked up! I’m also on a restricted diet for another 2 months (since mid-June) but my CSA fits nicely into this eating program. Only thing I wish for is fresh fruit…mine is a full vegetable share.

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