CSA Week 5: Tender Arugula

This week’s share from Sol to Seed Farm is great example of what’s in season here in Western Washington.  My CSA is a vegetable only share, but as some may recall, I supplemented with a 5 week egg CSA from Aslan’s How Organics which ended last week.  I still have about a dozen orange yolk eggs to use (see below: I made tarragon egg salad sandwiches today- sorry I ate them before I thought about taking a photo).

Cassius and Roxy look up to this week’s CSA share #5 from Sol to Seed Farm

This week’s vegetable box includes:

Chiordi Kale Bouquet
Summer Squash
Snow Peas
The arugula was (it’s all gone now) the best tasting, tender arugula we’ve eaten in a long time. I used the last of the leaves to compliment tarragon egg salad sandwiches for lunch.
I made beef with broccoli stir fry the other night and used up the sweet broccoli.
Farmer Matt suggested making kale chips with the Chiordi Kale and I think that’s a great idea, especially since I’m currently avoiding processed foods, grains, starches or sugars for a while.  J picked up our CSA box from Grand Central Bakery on Wednesday.  He’s the only one eating bread for a while so he got to choose the free loaf bread offered with our pick-up: rustic sourdough (sliced).
There will be no problem utilizing this box before next week’s share.

4 thoughts on “CSA Week 5: Tender Arugula

  1. Our arugula season is past and I miss it! I love it when it’s young and tender like you’ve described. And I would have loved to see the egg tarragon sandwich.

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