Sol to Seed CSA Week 3: New Potatoes

Cassius and Roxy are clearly happy about this week’s share

This is week 3 of my CSA subscription with Sol to Seed Farm.  It’s been raining too much and Seattleites are cranky, but this weekly share serves as a reminder that summer weather is bound to come.  Though it’s early in the season, I prefer the optimists point of view: yes it’s mostly greens in my box but that means in future weeks there will be more produce with beautiful color and variety, and the days will be warmer, too.  So yeah, we’re just getting started and I’m looking forward to the days ahead.

This week’s box includes:

Red Russian Kale
Romaine Lettuce
Red Pontiac Potatoes

Sol to Seed Farm is spoiling me with such gorgeous lettuce heads.  And I can’t be more excited about the potatoes.  Farmer Matt says that these are some of the sweetest, most delicious potatoes I will probably ever eat. He also said they’ve never had potatoes this early in the season.  I love new potatoes…and today I learned that they are only called new potatoes when the skin has not cured.  Thanks again Matt!

I found a recipe for New Potatoes and Trout that I’m looking forward to trying, though I’ll have to make a smaller batch for J and I.  It’s from Jamie magazine’s May/June issue (29) Printed in UK.

Following a potato theme (apparently), I accepted an offer for a free loaf of Grand Central Baking Co bread with my CSA pick-up.  I chose Yukon Gold Potato (sliced for sandwiches).

Grand Central Baking Co Yukon Gold Potato Bread


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