CSA Week 2: A beautiful head of lettuce

Now into week 2 of receiving my 2012 CSA shares from Sol to Seed Farm and I am definitely ready for another box.  It’s like Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard around here!  There nestled among the beautiful produce is the most gorgeous head of lettuce I’ve ever seen. The variety is Roxy Butterhead.  Wow!

Roxy Butterhead Lettuce looks as pretty as a rose

Summer begins today in the Northern Hemisphere. This week’s share reflects the earliest part of the summer here in Washington (73 degrees F and sunny).  This week’s share is filled with simple-to-use ingredients and I doubt this box will last through the weekend.
This week’s box includes:
Lettuce – Roxy Butterhead
Salad Mix
Napa Cabbage
Spring Garlic
Spring Onions
The Grand Central Baking Co again offered me a free loaf of fresh bread (this time a Peasant Levain).  As it was lunchtime, I also purchased a delicious $9.00 Cubano sandwich.  Using a business (especially a cafe) as a CSA drop/pick-up location is a natural fit in my opinion.
More recipes to come….

Cassius and Roxy believe in supporting local farms through CSA


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