CSA Week 16: Downhill slide

Today I picked up my sixteenth CSA share from Growing Things Farm at the Ballard Farmers Market.  There are only four more weeks left of the 2011 season so we’re on the downhill slide.  Farms around here are thinking months ahead.  Winter flooding is common around these parts — the last two years have been particularly harsh.  October is when most farmers I know start preparing for floods.  It’s harder to engage in small talk.

Yes, the farmers market is crowded, but farm sales alone can’t keep a farm in business.  It requires a mix of good soil, rain, seeds, equipment, animals, employees or family support, thriving markets, and a farmers own health to sustain a farm.  Most importantly it takes determination, dedication and community.  In the next few weeks, when you visit a farmers market, tell the farmer how much you appreciate and enjoy the food he or she grows.  Growing food and bringing it to market is not easy, a fact too many of us still take for granted.

Week 16 CSA share included:

  • tri-color potatoes
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • salad mix
  • onions
  • beans

Cassius and Roxy are excited about this week's share from Growing Things Farm


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