Growing Things Farm CSA Share Week 10

Compared to the rest of the country, this summer has remained mild.  It reached 76 degrees F today yet the sun feels hotter. A local news station is keeping a tally of how many minutes Seattle has reached and maintained 80 degrees.  We’re just over 1,000 minutes.  We haven’t had any rain (just a few sprinkles) in a while but I don’t hear many city folks complaining. I’m certainly not.  There is no doubt the rain will come and stay too long.

Cassius and Roxy like hanging out with this week's CSA Share

Today I collected my tenth CSA share from Growing Things Farm.  I grabbed someone else’s share that didn’t have eggs so I will have to wait for eggs next week. (Thanks Michaele!)

Here’s the contents of the share:

  • Leeks, 1 bunch
  • Celery, 1 bunch
  • Tri-color potatoes, 2 lbs.
  • Beans, 1 lb.
  • Broccoli, 1 lb.
  • 1 large tomato
We don’t see much celery at the farmers market and recently I learned why.  Celery is a cool-weather crop requiring 14- 16 weeks of mild temps to come to harvest.  My friend and co-worker, Ann Leason, told me this when she brought samples of celery to the office that she grew on her farm (Ponder Farm) in Mt Vernon.
We’re now at the half-way mark for the 20-week CSA program.  I’m hope to get some more tomatoes!

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