CSA Week 6 and Elimination Diet Challenges

Farmer Michaele Blakely of Growing Things Farm- an organic farm in Carnation, WA

Today I picked up my 6th CSA share of the season from Growing Things Farm at Ballard Farmers Market.  On Facebook earlier this week, farmer Michaele Blakely declared that summer had finally arrived.  It was gorgeous all week —bright sun and 70 degrees warm.  Although today was a sopping wet 64 degrees, the farmers market was still packed.  I’ve commented before that the Ballard Farmers Market is always crowded and parking is nothing but inconvenient. It’s a food lovers wonderland for those who persevere.

Check out  Michaele’s latest newsletter.

Growing Things Farm stall at Ballard Farmers Market

My CSA share week 6 included the following items:

  • 2 lbs. tri-color potatoes
  • 1 lb. tender baby lettuce, greens and edible flower mix
  • 2 lbs green beans
  • 2 lbs. mixed summer squash
  • bunch red beets
  • 2 slicing cucumbers
  • half dozen organic eggs from Michaele’s chickens

Week 6 CSA share 2011 and my good dogs

J and I have been on the Elimination/Challenge Diet for 26 days.  So far we’ve challenged coffee, citrus and eggs successfully, meaning that neither one of us experienced adverse side effects after consuming them.  This morning’s breakfast of baked eggs over sauteed vegetable “hash” was darn good (and I ate it without taking a picture).  The next challenge food is either corn, soy or sugar.  We’re craving Mexican food…

Here are my thoughts regarding the Elmination/Challenge Diet going into Month 2.

  • Sticking to this diet is easier than I thought it would be. There are times I could easily throw in the towel, but I made it this far so I’m sticking with it.  Feeling healthy is motivation.
  • I’m feeling much better all over.  I’m feeling “able-bodied” and thinking more clearly than I have in years.  (I hope it’s not dairy!)
  • I miss Mexican food (redundant yes, but it’s worth repeating)
  • I’ve lost 6 lbs.- slowly but surely.
  • I’ve rediscovered Terra Chips (probably why I haven’t lost more weight)
  • I’m eating a lot of fresh fruit (Note to reader: Summer really is the only time to attempt this diet because fresh fruits and vegetables taste better in the summer)

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