The Goods of Summer

Ballard Farmers Market is both a food enthusiast's dream and claustrophobic's nightmare

I just got back from visiting the Ballard Farmers Market where I pick up my weekly CSA share from Growing Things Farm, as well as do a little extra shopping for the week.  Summer days can be overwhelmingly busy, but it’s occasionally worth circling the neighborhood for 10 minutes for a parking spot. By the time I left, the $60 in my purse was traded for some of the best edible goods produced in Washington.

I collected my pre-paid CSA share from Michaele.  As promised, she included the half dozen eggs missing from my bag last week. Still lots of greens but everything is healthy and beautiful.  Here’s this week’s share:

Week 5 CSA Share

  • Sugar snap peas
  • Cauliflower
  • x-large Romaine lettuce
  • 2 small Fennel bulb with fronds
  • 1 dozen Eggs (make up for last week)
  • bunched bright red Beets with greens
A few vendors I really like to visit include Clayton at Alm Hill Gardens and Eiko and George at Skagit River Ranch.  I bought a package of ethically raised pork chops and 2 pounds of my favorite bacon from Eiko- the total came to $25.  Then I spent $5 on a pound of ripe, red tomatoes at Alm Hill Gardens.  My friend Tim and his daughter were helping Clayton today.  She was raising money for a local horse rescue by drawing pictures of customer’s favorite animals on paper produce bags.  I asked her to draw a horse on my tomato bag so the rescue got a $1.  According to Clayton, his pickling cucumbers might be ready next weekend (PSA for home canners: It’s a pickle alert!)

Fresh picked, organic, red romaine lettuce from Full Circle.

I spent $12 at Full Circle because they had some unusual lettuces and brassicas.  I picked up a gorgeous head of Butter lettuce (my favorite kind) and a massive red Romaine lettuce, sweet Basil and 3 baby Romanesco crowns.

Wondering what I'm gonna make with that jumbo crab (top left). Skagit River Ranch has the best bacon I've ever tasted (bottom left). Check out the horse rescue fundraiser paper bag- it carried home two ripe red tomatoes from Alm Hill Garden.

Last but not least, I splurged on a cooked, jumbo dungeness crab ($18) from the vendor at Hama Hama Shellfish. They are the only shellfish vendor at the Ballard Farmers Market now that Taylor Shellfish has gone to raise it’s own shingle at the tony Melrose Market in Capital Hill neighborhood.
I’ll be back next week to pick up CSA Share #6.  Some readers have requested some Elimination Diet recipes so I’ll post a few of my favorite ones soon.

The Hama Hama Man

I didn't get to meet Ron, but he sure knows a good crab when he sees it.  Thanks Ron!

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