CSA Box 18

Some of you will notice that it’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted to this blog.  Over the next three days, I will finish reporting on the contents of my 2010 Growing Things Farm CSA shares and will write about other things I find interesting enough to share with you.  So let me begin by saying that CSA Box 18 shows just how abundant October can be here.  There are still lots of summer vegetables and fruits available at the farmers market and although there is a chill in the air, it still tastes like summer.

Here is what Box 18 included:

Cassius stands behind Box 18

  • 10 Apples (a variety of red apples)
  • 6 Red pears
  • Half dozen eggs
  • 1 lb. small, tri-color roasting potatoes
  • 1 broccoli (a gorgeous crown!)
  • 1 bunch chard
  • 1 lb marbled, purple and white beans
  • 1 large slicing cucumber

I’ll report on Box 19 tomorrow.  The final Growing Things Farm CSA share of 2010 is expected on Sunday.



2 thoughts on “CSA Box 18

    • They WERE! I just got my last share today. 2 different kinds of apples and some grapes. I’ll post about it as soon as I have a chance to compare prices at the grocery store- then I’m going to tally up the out of pocket expense, time, pros/cons etc.

      I’m thinking I might do a weekly Sunday soup blog at least through the winter. I’m making soup every Sunday now anyway. Today was broccoli cheese soup.

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