CSA Box #12: Summer in a box

Cassius was excited about CSA Box # 12

I collected my twelfth CSA box today from Growing Things Farm stall at the Ballard Farmers Market in Seattle. Late August is when shoppers find the most diverse bounty of the tastiest seasonal produce available nearby.  Remarkable varieties, colors, shapes, textures and flavors are to be discovered.

Everything is life affirming at the farmers market in August. The combination of produce, people, pets, the smells and the sounds…all of it is beautiful.

This week’s CSA box (12 of 20) reflects what’s in season now, including:

  • 2 pints of ripe, sweet strawberries
  • 6 peppers including Anaheim chile, Hungarian wax and purple Bell pepper
  • 1 1/2 pound yellow wax beans
  • 1 pound bag of mixed salad greens
  • 2 bunches beets with greens (red and chiogga)
  • 3 pounds peaches (this made up last week’s fruit share shortage- and not smooshed!)
  • 1 pound squash blossoms (at my request)
  • 3 large, ripe, red tomatoes
  • 1 Asian eggplant (unsure exact kind)
  • half dozen eggs

I picked out two extra Anaheims from Alm Hill Garden and bought some Ladysmith Cheese from Samish Bay Cheese to round out my plan for dinner.  The delicate squash blossoms and the Anaheims are perfect for stuffing with cheese and herbs, and then lightly battered and pan-fried for dinner.  I have salsa verde in the freezer from the jalapenos and tomatillos I grilled weeks ago. Refried black beans and a salad will make it all complete.

J may have to make margaritas.  Limes are not locally produced, but I can find them certified organic.


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