Week 5 CSA Box

It was a hot week in Seattle so I was looking forward to my next CSA share today.  Still no berries, but there were some surprises for sure.  I don’t pay close attention to city festival calendars, so once I made it to Ballard, I realized not only was the farmers market in full swing, so was the Ballard Seafood Festival  It happens every year but I always forget.  Both events attract a lot of people, so there was even less parking in and around the market than usual.

Today I planned on running some errands so I had only one reason to come to the market: to collect my CSA box and get out of there. When I arrived at the Ballard Farmers Market, there were literally no parking spaces available so I made a hasty decision and parked illegally. I then ran to the Growing Things Farm stall, hoping to grab my box and go, but the farm forgot to parcel my share.  The upside to this is I got to create my own box. Since I had a few things left over from last week’s box, I took only what I could use and in portions I thought were fair, including:

Cassius and week 5 CSA box contents

  • 2 fronds young fennel (which I will make into fritters)
  • 2 lime green cauliflower (love this roasted or grilled)
  • 1 bunch rainbow chard
  • 1 bunch dinosaur kale (aka lacinto)
  • 1/2 dozen large eggs
  • 1 head purple lettuce

Everything looks and tastes great! Even though they forgot about me, the gals were genuinely apologetic and gave me some great choices.  I am hoping for berries next week, though.  I’ve seen berries for weeks from other farms and I’m a little bummed I’m not getting my berry share yet. Oh well- it is a CSA- I know the rules.

On my way to the car, I stopped and said hi to Eiko and George at the Skagit River Ranch in Sedro-Woolley.  George has been a vendor at the Skagit WholeSale Market for the last three weeks and I’m excited to see some new business, however small, come their way.  Eiko asked me if I’d tried their bacon yet.  I said “no”, so she gave me a pound of organic, humanely raised bacon and a dozen organic eggs from their farm.  I was so excited I gave Eiko a kiss on the cheek and apologized for taking off so quick.  I am a lucky, lucky lady!  The bacon alone is a cross between European style meaty bacon and streaky American bacon.  The taste is perfect.  I know they treat their animals with care and respect. They are a local farm.  If I have any questions, I can certainly ask.  They have nothing to hide.

After running errands and going to the gym, I got home and I cooked a traditional breakfast for our lunch:  2 fried local eggs and bacon, whole grain toast from Oregon, local butter from Bow, and fried potatoes and onions from Port Townsend.  Local food from right here in Puget Sound is just delicious. Words cannot express how grateful I am to those who produce it.  I’m glad it’s my job to help preserve it.


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