Garden Progress Report

It was a productive day.  Not only did I tie up some loose ends before the Skagit WholeSale Market launch tomorrow (, but I started early with a fun three mile loop at Greenlake with Cassius, came home, ate breakfast, took a shower, and then painted the deck (a hot tub will be delivered on Saturday 🙂 ), washed a load of laundry, did a load of dishes, and mowed the lawn.  It was the second consecutive day of sunshine, a rare occurrence these days.

Yes, it's painted bright white- you should have seen it before!...remember the hot tub will cover most of it

While I was outside, I noticed how well my little garden looks despite all the rain.  The lettuces and scallions are ready and delicious, while the Makah ozette potatoes, sugar snap peas and purple broccoli need more time.  I think the mustard is also ready but it’s a variety I’m unfamiliar with, so I’ll research before picking.

Here’s some new photos of the progress since my last pics of the garden the day I planted the seeds and seedlings (see post below).

lettuces, scallions, broccoli, tomato, mustard greens

Makah Ozette potato mounds...there's actually 4 plants there...only three are peeping out again

After the lettuces are done, I’m going to plant the chile peppers I use most often (jalapeno, habanero, and poblano) and see if I can find at least one Pimientos de Padrón plant (because they are a fine snack fried in olive oil and tossed with sea salt) and maybe some tiny cornichon cucumbers- since they are really too delicate for any farmers market.


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