I love spring, especially in Seattle.  Unlike every other region of the country, spring lasts much longer than a week and lifts the spirits of the jaded among us.  It feels good to be alive.

Spring is also a time of cleansing and renewal.  In fact, today I passed three yard sales within blocks of my house.  No coincidence, it was the Wallingford Yard Sale Tour.  I imagine a lot of mental, emotional and physical effort was spent cleaning and organizing the insides of houses leading up to this day of sales. I’m sure some people had fun since this exercise can also be very liberating.  This annual purging season helps us make room for the stuff of summer, fall and winter…and all the good and bad surprises they bring.

For me, at least this year, spring is about creation and renewal.

1. Last week J and I built a small raised garden bed frame and planted some seeds and seedlings including Makah ozette potatoes, scallions, mustard greens, peas, lettuce and hope.

Shaking out the compost bag

2. The Peace rosebush is blooming this week, too.

3. I made yet another of my friend Katherine’s rhubarb yogurt cakes and sent most of it with J to work.  Slide your cursor over the pic for the recipe link.

Rhubarb Yogurt Cake

I’m embracing Spring and I cannot be sure what surprises are ahead, no matter how I prepare for it today.  Living in the moment is a nice idea.  I saw a treadmill left out on someone’s sidewalk and I am thinking about going back for it…maybe.

Lastly, the Canning Across America planning group is meeting for the first time in 2010 next week.  I have scheduled pickling classes here and in Colville, Washington and will soon post my class dates on this calendar.


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