Black Sheep Dairy Lamb Pre-Sale at Wolftown

In late 2007, the Black Sheep Creamery and many other farms in Washington were devastated by floods (see article link below).  Washington state and the local food community, including Slow Food chapters in Washington, raised money to help farms find footing to start operating again.  This week, I received a call from T Martino at Wolftown saying she had purchased some of Black Sheep Creamery’s dairy lambs and would be bringing them to Wolftown this summer.  T will browse the lambs loose with her own stock on Vashon Island before slaughtering them onsite at Wolftown, USDA certified.  She needs buyers today!

Sheep browsing loose at Wolftown

Sheep browsing loose at Wolftown

T is accepting pre-orders for locker lambs which will be available for pick-up just in time for the holidays.  She is selling only half and whole dressed lamb (45-50 lbs. whole), which is perfect for spit roasting, for a restaurant kitchen, a large family feast, or for dividing among family or friends who want to store excellent quality lamb. Dairy lamb meat has a clean flavor and relatively lean versus the fattier, gamey tasting lamb.  These lamb enjoy a good life, raised by people dedicated to animal welfare, environmental stewardship and of good, clean and fair food for all.

For those interested in purchasing specific sizes/weights, please make requests to T in advance.  She can plan accordingly to ensure that your lamb is exactly right for your needs. The purchase price is $4.50-$5.00 per pound.  Sorry, only half and full locker lambs available (no specialty cuts please). T will also be selling fleeces and brain tanned hides.

Wolftown is a USDA certified sheep farm, a not for profit organization, and a federal and state wildlife education and wildlife rehabilitation center.  Please see my blog post below for more details on Wolftown’s commitment to predator friendly agriculture.

T only accepts cash and checks payable to Wolftown.  Pick up locations will be arranged in Seattle, Vashon Island and the Kitsap Peninsula.

Place your orders today!

Contact T Martino at Wolftown by phone: 206-463-9113  or for more information visit:

For more information about Black Sheep Creamery, please visit:

For information about Black Sheep Creamery and the flood of 2007, please read:

Creamery Loses Sheep, Gains a Few Friends


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