Separated, thankfully

A few weeks ago I posted a report following the Orca K-8 School Garden Plant Sale where I tabled an information booth for Slow Food Seattle.  When I started this blog, it was not my intention to post Slow Food Seattle news since my interest in food and culture isn’t limited to the good, clean and fair food movement.  But I wanted people to know about the cool stuff going on at Orca K-8 and our local Slow Food chapter just didn’t have an appropriate forum for this type of posting.  I just posted it to Brinylife and then felt conflicted.  I really needed Slow Food Seattle to have it’s own site- it’s bigger than I.

The Slow Food Seattle chapter volunteers have struggled for years to maintain a relevant online presence .  I was elected to the board in April of 2007 and became co-chair in August that same year.  I can tell you that having a technology and design background were not and are not requirements for the role.  I like content.  Not so interested in how things work as long as they work.

Mind you, we had a pretty decent Web site for a few months designed by a member volunteer.  But after a few months, we realized how vulnerable our “free” Web site had become to hackers.  We attempted to salvage the site but our paltry budget couldn’t pay to beef up Joomla.  So we were back to the drawing board:   a placeholder page.  Too many Facebook posts, overloaded email responses, and a lot of boring and lengthy newsletters later, I felt sorry.  We had so much to report and no obvious communication solution…at least not a solution we could afford or solve quickly.  Slow Food Seattle was the metaphorical tree falling in the forest.  No one knew what we were doing.

Thankfully, two lovely and wonderful friends boldly bypassed board discussion and created the basic structure for our new Slow Food Seattle blog here on WordPress. I have been busy adding content and images to the site since!  I was reluctant to act without board approval but I am so grateful that it is there now.  I’ve been having lots of fun playing around on it.  Now we have a place for our local Slow Food Seattle news.

Now that the dust is settling, I am rededicating Brinylife as a place for my own food and culture observations–my food scholar identity apart from Slow Food Seattle.  I have high hopes for both blog sites and I am relieved that these two areas of my life are separated once again.


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