The American Museum of Natural History wants moi?

A surprise email from the American Museum of Natural History this week motivated me to create this here blog.  Apparently, I am hard to find online. They are hosting a program series called Adventures in the Global Kitchen that “spotlights different food types, food related issues, cultural connections to food”, etc.  On October 13, 2009, they will host a program about pickles and pickling.  So…they have invited yours truly to talk about pickling practices cross culturally since my book Pickled (which came out of the work I did for the NY Food Museum) was exactly the topic of my research. Other New York and Brooklyn based small-batch picklers have also been invited for the event so this will be a nice opportunity to get back to old New York. They also seem enthusiastic about tying into promotions for NYFM’s Annual International Pickle Day.  Hot dog!


5 thoughts on “The American Museum of Natural History wants moi?

  1. good things happen to… “yep!” pickled good people

    funny I just asked you to guest appearance at Main Market – must be something in the stars. i get that NYC might get a bigger rise from you than the ‘kane, but don’t knock it til you try it :>

  2. That is great!!! And your blog will evolve as you start getting your focus and voice back 🙂

    I admire the work and participation you do in your community.

  3. I love your work

    As a professional chef, garde manger, charcutier, home gardener, home canner, and professional educator I’ve used many of your recipes philosophies, etc.

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